The upgraded range of Baker Perkins high-speed,
multi-purpose batch mixers is suitable for both hard and soft dough. Excellent dispersion and rapid dough development contribute to the consistent quality that is the foundation of cost-effective production. Automatic operation and a choice of controls also contribute to operational efficiency.

Soft Dough Forming

Baker Perkins offers a portfolio of rotary moulders, wirecuts and extruders for the complete range of cookies, soft dough biscuits and filled bars. Reliability and versatility, with a low cost of ownership, are the design focus. Precise weight control on every machine minimises giveaway and waste, contributing to fast payback.


Baker Perkins ovens, which fulfil every need within the sector, are based on a rigorous understanding of the principles of heat transfer acquired through continuous investment in practical research and theoretical analysis. The result is a range of uncomplicated but highly effective ovens that are easy to use and provide energy-efficient, cost-effective operation through short bake times and optimised controls.



Sandwiching provides a range of options for efficient high-volume production and added-value brand extension. Baker Perkins supplies a series of systems covering a broad variety of product, speed and packaging possibilities. All bring the benefits of minimal waste, tight weight control, high efficiency and ease of use.
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Maximum Production Efficiency

The entire range of Baker Perkins equipment for the biscuit, cookie and cracker sector is designed and engineered with the customer’s profit in mind.

Proven designs using high-quality components ensure trouble-free operation for long periods.

Well-informed design targeting the industry’s specific needs, minimises product waste and energy consumption, maximises product
consistency and quality.

Ease of use
Continual application of the latest control techniques makes better use of operators’ time and reduces the overall labour requirement.

Easy to maintain
Ease of access for cleaning and hygiene, plus routine maintenance, cuts labour costs.

Superior manufacture
Across the board application of 3D CAD, and investment in the latest manufacturing techniques, contribute to ‘right first time’ manufacture, saving time and expense at the installation and commissioning stage.