The Pile Pack Creamer is a special-purpose machine that produces piles of one sandwich on top of another in a streamlined and efficient process. The piles are collated into pack lengths of 1-6 before being passed directly to the wrapping machine, without the cost and complexity of lane merging devices, cooling conveyors and wrapper infeeds. Applications include both vend packs and retail packs with a card insert.

The process of compiling each sandwich is identical to the High Speed Creamer so the Pile Pack benefits from high efficiency and low production costs in exactly the same way. Other similarities include the ability to use the Co-Deposit Stencil for added value products while the Cream Hopper provides identical levels of accurate weight control on each lane.

Baker Perkins uses the principles of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in designing cream sandwiching machines. To find out more download our White Paper. BACK | NEXT