Baker Perkins cream sandwiching systems are well-known for their proven high output, high efficiency and low production costs - and these benefits are not restricted to large, dedicated lines. High Speed
Creamers are available with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 lanes and a range of other options to enable outputs
from 800 4,800 sandwiches per minute to be achieved on a variety of product sizes and shapes, including mini products.

Capital cost and the risk of stoppages are minimised through simplifying lane reduction systems by
choosing from machines with 2 6 lanes to match each system to the biscuit line. Flexibility is
further increased by the availability of the Lane Multiplier to match output to downstream processing, cooling or wrapping requirements.

An extensive range of adjustments accommodates a wide variety of products while simple set-up and rapid cleaning minimise downtime when changing from one to another. For adding extra value the
Co-Deposit Stencil enables deposits of two different materials to be made simultaneously while maintaining the speed and efficiency of the system.

Your production costs are kept low by precision engineering the High Speed Creamer to avoid
unplanned stoppages and waste. Give-away is minimised by the Cream Hopper providing
independent control of deposit weights on each lane.

Baker Perkins uses the principles of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in designing cream sandwiching machines. To find out more download our White Paper. BACK | NEXT