The Full Width Creamer is a highly efficient machine used in automated plants for count lines or where delicate products, soft or aerated creams, or secondary processing such as chocolate enrobing are employed. The key to its efficiency lies in matching the number of lanes in the creamer to the oven. This creates a smooth, seamless flow of product through the system with minimum breakages and jams.

Simple operation - Matching the creamer to the oven avoids the need for lane reduction,
reducing jams due to broken shells.

Gentle processing - The stencil is a rotating drum with retracting pistons that draw cream from a hopper, enabling soft or aerated creams to be handled.

Accurate control - Excellent definition to the edge of the cream deposit and highly accurate positioning of the shell means that cream can be deposited right up to the edge. This cuts expensive ingredient use by reducing chocolate pick-up and eliminating bubbles during enrobing.

Easy to clean - An automatic washdown option reduces labour costs and downtime. BACK | NEXT