The Baker Perkins conical rounder combines efficiency with hygiene. It accepts dough pieces from the divider and forms them into ball shapes for easier handling and better presentation to the intermediate proofer or final moulder. It is a fully integrated part of a Baker Perkins dough forming system for high-output bakeries

The rounder gently rolls the rectangular dough pieces from the divider between a rotating conical table and a stationary spiral trough. The open trough profile ensures minimal work is done to the dough and avoids damage to the internal structure. As well as forming the ball shape this process also conditions the surface of the dough pieces for easier handling downstream.

The trough is easily adjusted to enable the ideal rounded shape to be achieved across a range of dough piece weights. The machine requires very little cleaning and maintenance. To prevent dough adhering to surfaces, parts are made from polymer or have long-lasting non-stick coatings and there is a fully-integrated air blowing system, so no oil or flour dust is required. To avoid sticking, smearing and chipping, all the parts follow the compound curve of the conical table and guarantee the dough a smooth path through the rounder.