The Tweedy2™ range of high-output integrated weighing and mixing systems is suitable for most types of no-time bread dough. High-energy mixing and small batches make it ideal for specialty and artisan-style bread as well as standard sliced pan bread. It produces excellent results with low-protein flour.

Mixing takes place under variable amounts of pressure and vacuum to control quality and enable a wide range of different textures to be created. Consistent dough quality is achieved through effective ingredient dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform development. Batch-to-batch consistency is maintained through accurate control of water temperature and energy input. A pressure-vacuum mixing option can improve loaf volume and crumb structure, while enabling texture to be varied from fine to open.

High levels of water absorption reduce production costs while dynamic schedule management on multi-mixer systems maximizes output. Consistent dough quality minimizes downstream giveaway, stoppages and waste. Quality and efficiency are maintained over a range of protein levels.

Tweedy2™ mixers are extremely easy to use via a clear, intuitive and informative touch screen HMI that provides comprehensive process visualization and accurate, timely information. The automatic schedule management requires no operator intervention, even after stoppages.