Baker Perkins brings consistency, cleanliness and control to dough mixing and forming with a range of unit machines and integrated systems that have been proven in many demanding high-output applications around the world.

Our mixers create dough with a high-quality, strong cell structure that is preserved right through the dividing, rounding and moulding phases using gentle dough handling techniques. The result is consistent quality - volume, texture, color and softness are all readily controlled while an increase in resilience leads to the important customer benefit of better "butter-ability". This can be achieved with lower protein flour and/or reduced levels of expensive ingredients such as yeast or improvers

Even with the stickiest dough, no flour dust is required to achieve outstanding levels of efficiency. Stoppages due to sticking, smearing or doubles are extremely rare while cleaning and changeover are carried out quickly and easily.

Systems comprise a number of unit machines linked together by an integrated control system, but every unit may be installed individually on existing lines. Each one contributes to improved consistency and reduced production costs so even a single unit will result in an immediate and measurable improvement in performance.