Sustained accuracy, consistent bread quality and low production costs are the result of the unique way in which advanced control and proven mechanical design are brought together in the Accurist2.1™.

The new Intelligent Dough Weight Control system monitors dough condition and optimizes ram motion for both dough quality and scaling accuracy. Efficient lubrication, long-lasting components and easy cleaning keep running costs low. Maximum output of large dough pieces (1lb to 2.5lb) has been increased to 10,800 pcs/hr by the introduction of a new six-pocket division box.

Consistent loaf quality is achieved through servo control which reduces dough damage by minimizing shear, compression and ram movement. The Intelligent Dough Weight Control software responds to dough variations to maintain gentle handling even at high throughput.

The Accurist2.1™ achieves accuracy of 0.09 to 0.12oz SD (+/- 0.7%) on 32oz pieces with Intelligent Dough Weight Control and checkweigher feedback combining to compensate for dough density variations. This performance is maintained over 10,000 hours by an efficient oiling system and low wear rates.