Extruder Dies

The wide array of extruded snacks possible with creative die technology will be
presented at Interpack.

The range of dies on show at Interpack produces snacks ranging from the standard
to the exotic. The simplest is a plate dies that is used to produce a range of direct expanded products such as balls, curls, rings and shapes. Insert dies perform a similar function but provide a rapid change capability for up to 50 products from a single die.

There is a clear trend towards more complex products, to provide differentiation in a crowded market. A new development on show at Interpack is a co-extrusion die with 16 streams for high output production. The die produces continuous cereal tubes filled with a savoury paste or cream with flavours ranging from classic cheese to modern Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern.. The tubes may be formed into a variety of snack formats including mini, bite-size or hand-held pieces in pillow, stick, bar or wafer shapes. They have the characteristic crispy/crunchy texture of a conventional snack with the added dimension of a tasty filling.

A third die serves a unique extrusion process developed by Baker Perkins to make a completely new range of products. This die produces a thin, wide sheet of dough that is cut into regular, geometric shapes by an in-line rotary cutter. The shapes may be fried
or oven baked for a lower fat content,