TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

The Baker Perkins TruClean™ Rotary Cutter has been designed and constructed to minimise costs in every area of operation. Outstanding performance and reliability, as well as ease of use have been carried forward from the previous generation machines while introducing a completely new approach to hygienic design. Every aspect of the machine has been revised in line with the latest industry guidelines, resulting in machines that stay clean and are easy to clean to a high standard. Fast changeovers complete the picture and the result is a rotary cutter that is efficient, reliable and offers exceptionally low costs of ownership.

Maximum efficiency, exceptional reliability and fast start/stop routines combined with
low cleaning and maintenance requirements minimise operating and running costs
to deliver a rapid return on investment.

Two hygiene levels are available that enable the specification to be matched to specific cross-contamination risks and cleaning protocols. Both are in accordance with relevant industry and guidelines, including the GMA’s 10 Principles of Equipment Design.

Indication and setting of all operator adjustments are carried out via a simple and
intuitive touch screen HMI positioned to provide operators with a clear view of the
product area. Cutter roll changes are accomplished rapidly and without the use of tools.

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