HS Mixer

The Baker Perkins HS (High Speed) multi-purpose batch mixer is well-proven with
over 450 installations worldwide. The key to its success is a unique one-piece shaftless blade that provides good dispersion of ingredients and rapid dough development on every type of biscuit, cookie and cracker product. The HS range offers low cost of ownership through high levels of automation, ease of cleaning, and outstanding reliability.

The twin-arm blade has a curved profile and no centre-shaft so ingredients are able to move freely around the bowl to aid rapid dispersion and efficient blending. Delicate inclusions are incorporated evenly without damage or smearing. A PLC controls
low-speed and high-speed mixing with either a two-speed or variable-speed motor.

Loading and discharge are fully automatic to reduce labour costs and cycle times. 
Full discharge is achieved without manual intervention by a bowl tilt of 150° and no
centre-shaft. Reverse tilt to allow addition of hand ingredients or manual removal of dough is an option. 

The blade is a one-piece steel casting, free of welds or crevices where cracks could
start, while the other major components are designed to last for the life of the machine with minimal maintenance. 

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