NEW Microfilm™ Cooker

The Microfilm™ cooker sits at the heart of the Baker Perkins AutoCook™ range of
flexible cooking systems. The rapid, thin-film cooking process is truly unique and
delivers consistent high quality across a wide range of sugar, low sugar and
sugar-free confectionery products.

The Microfilm™ process provides precise and consistent cooking of a variety of confectionery syrups. Rapid evaporation ensures that cooking to final moisture takes place with minimal process inversion of sugars or burning of dairy ingredients. The continuous process produces very little waste and is efficient in its use of energy and water.

The hygiene, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance of the Microfilm™ cooker have all been upgraded. All the quality and consistency benefits of the Microfilm™ cooking process for hard candies, cream candies and high milk candies have been retained.

The machine on show at Interpack will feature a twin outlet for feeding depositors with two hoppers, and an integrated pressure dissolving process that reduces energy and water consumption. Other energy saving features include an indirect condenser to minimise cooling water consumption, and systems to recover energy from flash steam and flash vapour.