TruClean™ Gauge Roll

By reliably achieving and maintaining the desired thickness across the full width of a dough sheet, the TruClean™ Gauge Roll fulfils a key function in the sheet forming and cutting process. This repeatable precision is matched by low operating costs, with areas such as labour, waste and maintenance kept to an absolute minimum. The TruClean™ Gauge Roll also benefits from Baker Perkins’ commitment to hygienic design, resulting in a machine that stays clean and is easy to clean, to further reduce running costs.

The new design uses a process developed and refined over many years to ensure reliable operation, low waste and accurate performance. Features that contribute to precise weight control and reliable sheet handling have been carried forward from previous machines and enhanced, while new ideas to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs have been introduced.

The TruClean™ Gauge Roll has been designed to meet all relevant industry guidelines and statutory requirements for hygienic design and food contact materials, including the GMA’s Principles of Equipment Design.

A clear and intuitive touch screen HMI includes indication and setting of all the main running adjustments. This is located on the machine to enable operators to see the effects of their adjustment on the dough sheet as they make them. The gauge roll is
fully integrated into the line speed control system, which automatically cascades changes back down the line to maintain smooth operation.

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