NEW Colour Flavour Addition System

The upgraded Colour and Flavour Addition (CFA) system on display at Interpack demonstrates Baker Perkins’ overall capability for the confectionery cooking process.

The final part of the AutoCook™ confectionery cooking system, the CFA accurately
meters quantities of colours and flavours for mixing into the cooked syrup between the Microfilm™ cooker and ServoForm™ depositor. Accurate metering ensures consistent product quality and reduces costs by avoiding excess addition rates. Incorporating colours and flavours into the syrup at the last minute minimises evaporation losses and allows rapid ‘on the run’ changes.

The CFA is modular and comprises a pair of holding tanks with a peristaltic metering pump and associated mixing, heating, recirculation and instrumentation option. Multiple CFAs can be combined into a single system to suit the number of colours and flavours required on a line.

All AutoCook™ modules comprise one-piece stainless steel frames with good access for maintenance from outside. Hygienic design and components are used throughout and there is easy access for cleaning.