Shredding Rolls

Baker Perkin’s capabilities for shredded cereals can also be discussed at Interpack. Shredded product samples plus the Shred Master™ rolls used to form them will be on display. Typical products include full-size and mini shredded wheat, shreddies,
shredded squares, and stranded products.

Many contain just a single ingredient, making them attractive to consumers seeking
a healthy diet. Shredding is an excellent technique to widen the appeal, interest and variety of a cereal range.

ShredMaster™ is a multi-station process that builds the shredded structure between pairs of contra-rotating shredding rolls in a sheet, layer by layer. Fillings and toppings such as sugar crystals, whole fruit or pastes can be incorporated between layers for product variation and portfolio expansion.

For stranded products the strands are cut to length before drying. For shredded
products the finished sheet is crimped and cut to length. The product is then toasted.