CoEx Master™ Pillow Crimper

A CoEx Master™ system is a straightforward upgrade to an extrusion line that turns virtually any twin-screw extruder into a line for high-value centre-filled breakfast cereals. The advanced process technology is simple to install and run and generates a high
rate of return, especially when full use is made of its potential for exciting and innovative products. The extra value is obtained with minimal equipment and without extensive
plant modifications, allowing a rapid return on investment to be achieved.

Combining low-cost extruded cereals with innovative fillings creates high added-value products. The range of ingredient combinations allows them to be marketed as anything from treats for children to luxury products for adults, and to be positioned as either indulgent or healthy products.

Fillings range from chocolate and praline to sweet or savoury creams and on to fruit pastes. An almost endless variety of products can be created using the wide array of cereals and textures from the extruder. Double or triple extrusions and a variety of shape options including bite size pillows, sticks, wafers and bars are all possible.

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