Extruder Dies

The wide array of extruded cereals achieved by creative die technology will be a focus
of Baker Perkins’ presentation for the breakfast cereal industry at Interpack.

The range of dies on show produces extruded cereals ranging from the standard to the exotic. Plate dies are used to produce a wide range of cereals from standard rings, balls and curls up to complex products including 'clusters', pillows and flakes.

Die inserts used with plate dies provide a rapid change capability for up to 50 products from a single die, normally for product development. They can be used for production purposes when an especially wide range is made.

There is a clear trend towards more complex products, to provide differentiation in a crowded market. A new development on show at Interpack is a co-extrusion die with 16 streams for high output production.

The co-extrusion die produces continuous cereal tubes filled with chocolate, fruit paste
or cream. The tubes can be formed into pillows in a range of shapes such as squares, rectangles, chevrons or waves. They have the characteristic crispy/crunchy texture of a conventional cereal with the added dimension of a tasty filling, such as chocolate or fruit paste.

A pillow crimper, which forms the product stream into pillow shapes after the die will
also be at Interpack.