Cook Master™ Cereal Cooker

Interpack marks the launch of Baker Perkins’ new Cook Master™ range of batch cookers.

This classic Baker Perkins machine is recognized as the market leader in high-quality breakfast cereal cooking. It has no centre-shaft, with steam and liquor being injected through the side walls. A new option is to fit a centre-shaft for steam and liquor injection for manufacturers who prefer this process method.

Part of the Baker Perkins Cereal Master™ range of expandable lines, the Cook Master™ provides controlled steam cooking of whole or milled grains, retaining their nutritional benefits while developing the texture and flavour required.

There will be demonstrations at Interpack of an enhanced control system for all Baker Perkins rotary cookers. It features multi-phase recipe editing for up to 16 separate process steps including charging, mixing, purging, cooking and discharge – several steps can be allocated for each phase. This completely flexible system allows all operating parameters to be defined for every stage of the process cycle; setting ranges are restricted to ensure safe and viable operation.