NEW Spectrum Colour Change System

The ‘Spectrum’ colour change system extends Baker Perkins’ cereal extrusion capability. This new development enables changeover between colour variations of an extruded cereal to be made ‘on the run’ and with minimal waste. Typical applications are mixed fruit or grain colours in a single packet.

The skid-based ‘Spectrum’ system spells an end to the inconvenience and cost of separate production runs for each different coloured cereal, plus cumbersome storage and mixing which has an adverse effect on waste, hygiene and shelf life.

These problems have led to a demand for automated 'on the run' colour change systems with minimum mixed product during the transition from one colour to the next. This is achieved by injecting the colours directly into the die rather than the barrel to avoid mixing and diffusing. The die has been designed for minimum differential flow rates to promote rapid mixing and short transitions.