NEW Autofeed

The Autofeed is a fully automatic system that weighs and mixes dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into batches of homogeneous slurry for presentation to the cooker. It can feed all the cookers in the Baker Perkins AutoCook™ range.

The use of a weigh system eliminates errors which occur in volumetric systems
because of temperature, density and viscosity variations. Automatic in-flight compensation ensures that the correct amount is weighed. Normal accuracy is 0.1% in a typical 180kg batch.

The upgraded Autofeed on display at Interpack consolidates separate vessels with associated pump, valves and pipework into a single skid-mounted system that
requires less floor space, improves hygiene and reduces maintenance.

The consolidated system incorporates weigh and reservoir tanks along with a transfer pump. Automatic operation is controlled from a single HMI that integrates all parts of the cooking process.