FRED Laboratory Depositor

Baker Perkins has recently enhanced its product and process development capability for customers with the installation of a new laboratory-scale depositor in its Innovation Centre. This Field Research Experimental Depositor (FRED) will be available to view
at Interpack.

The ability to handle three components of hard or soft candy simultaneously widens the variety of confectionery that can be made. The new depositor, which replaces a
two-component model, can make sophisticated confectionery with features such as stripes, swirls, centre-fillings and layers. Capability includes hard candy and lollipops, as well as soft candies such as jellies, gums, toffee, caramels and fondant.

The Baker Perkins Innovation Centre is a resource where customers develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials. The depositor, and all cooking equipment in the Innovation Centre, precisely replicate the process of a full-size plant. Results can be scaled up accurately for research, product development and test marketing purposes, with the minimum of time, effort and cost.