number of small runs to test a range of different ideas, or longer runs to produce samples for test marketing or other types of assessment.

All the equipment faithfully reproduces the processes used in full size plants so process settings and product characteristics achieved in the lab are easily transferred to a production environment.

The Showcase will feature video presentations on the work we carry out in the Innovation Centre and how it is used by customers from all around the world for new product and process development. There will also be live video links to the Innovation Centre to enable you to put your questions directly to our process experts.
Innovation Centre
Our Innovation Centre is staffed by expert process technologists who help customers turn concepts into commercially viable products. The centre contains a full range of development and test facilities for conducting equipment trials, developing products and producing evaluation samples, with the assurance of complete confidentiality.

The confectionery area houses bench and pilot scale depositing equipment plus a full range of cooking processes. For cereal and snack we maintain a twin-screw extruder/co-extruder line plus facilities for flaked and shredded cereals. Development work can comprise a

CONFECTIONERY                    SNACKS                    CEREALS

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