This focus on creative end-products allied to low-cost production can be seen in our commitment to both process development and equipment design. New end-products are crucial to the industry and Baker Perkins has a long history of introducing solutions that have pushed back the frontiers of innovative confectionery.

The Showcase will feature a presentation on our latest AutoCook™ cooking and ServoForm™ depositing systems that deliver flexible and efficient high-output production, while setting new standards for ease of use, hygienic design and energy efficiency. Backed by our comprehensive Lifetime Support programme to ensure long-term performance and reliability, a cooking and depositing system from Baker Perkins provides a high return on investment for many years.

Sugar confectionery has long been a favourite treat for consumers around the world. Whether it is the comfort of old favourites or the excitement of the latest products, the taste, convenience and affordability of candy has ensured that its popularity remains undiminished in both mature and developing markets.

Baker Perkins has been helping manufacturers prosper in this market since the very early days of high-output production. Today, our continuous cooking and starchless depositing technologies are bringing exceptional levels of reliability, efficiency and low cost of ownership to the production of unique, high-quality confectionery.


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