Baker Perkins combines a portfolio of best-in-class unit machines with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to create solutions for virtually every kind of RTE (Ready to Eat) breakfast cereal product using either traditional steam cooking or extrusion-based processes.

Showcase presentations will show how Cereal Master™ modular lines provide the ideal platform for cereal manufacturers to develop their business or respond to new challenges.  Lines can be adapted or extended with additional units to make the new products required by this established, yet still developing market.

The greater flexibility that this brings to cereal production maximises return on equipment investment and along with high-quality equipment and expert process support has made Baker Perkins the supplier of choice for growing cereal companies worldwide

Baker Perkins has always been at the forefront of the snack industry.
To meet the challenges of the next generation of snack products we are continuing to innovate with the Snack Master™ range of equipment, which will be featured at the Showcase.

Snacks play a significant part in the diet of millions of people around the world. It is a dynamic, fast-moving and competitive industry with a focus on creative development of end products. New concepts are essential to gaining and retaining market share and, through its Innovation Centre, Baker Perkins is helping customers around the world prosper in this challenging market.

Baker Perkins is continuously adding to the Snack Master™ range with innovative ideas for snack production. These can be installed as part of a new line, added in the future or used to extend the capability of existing equipment. These high-capacity lines cover the production of high quality direct expanded, extruded, co-extruded and baked snacks.



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