Complete Process Line

In addition to the extruder a complete process line comprises ingredient mixing and feeding before and cooling, flaking and grinding after. Baker Perkins works with a number of partner companies who supply all the pieces of equipment required to put together a full process line. Each one specializes in their particular technology so customers are assured of excellent performance throughout the process. Working
with partners ensures that the capacities of the individual units are matched and that mechanical and electrical interfaces are optimized before the equipment arrives
on site.
Tuesday 11th June - Baker Perkins, UK
Ongoing Process Support

From initial project discussions, to line commissioning and ongoing process optimization, Baker Perkins’ dedicated industrial extrusion experts offer continuing advice and full support for all powder coating applications.

Support staff are available for site visits, product trials and phone support at every stage of a project and beyond, enabling customers to select and maintain the best extruder for their requirements. This ensures that the chosen equipment offers a lifetime of efficient and reliable service producing the highest end-product quality at the lowest running cost.

Over the lifespan of the extruder, Baker Perkins’ process support teams provide:

Continuous Process Optimization
   •   Refined processes for optimized running
   •   Superior screw configurations and cooling profiles
   •   Enhanced quality end-product

   •   Prevent the need for double-passing of products
   •   Eliminate cratered, “orange peel” type effects
   •   Cut product “hot spots” during process

Maintenance Advice

   •   Longer lifespan through reduced wear
   •   Lower running costs
   •   Increased throughput and reliability