TruClean™ Wirecut

The TruClean™ Wirecut is used to make soft dough cookies, biscuits and bars. Although radially redesigned to meet the latest hygiene standards the basis of the machine is well-proven in previous generation wirecuts. Exceptional reliability, fast changeover and accurate weight control have all been carried forward to enable high production rates with low operating costs to be achieved.

The new design uses the Baker Perkins’ proven filler block technology. It offers the same unrivalled weight control – between 1% and 2% on standard products. For products with inclusions, consistency and accuracy can be improved with our oscillating knife system.

The TruClean™ Wirecut has been designed to meet industry guidelines on sanitation, including the GMA’s Principles of Equipment Design. Every detail has been engineered to avoid debris, to ensure that effective cleaning is very easy and that the risk of cross-contamination is minimized. Less time spent cleaning means lower costs and faster changeovers.

Effective operation is made simple by touch-screen graphics, good visibility of the product area and the ability to adjust settings while the machine is running. The GMA’s design principles help to simplify maintenance and reduce costs through open access, fewer guards and easy removal of guards and other components.

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