NEW 390 Rotary Moulder

Previous generations of the Baker Perkins 390 Rotary moulder have made the name synonymous with simple but effective moulding of soft dough, sandwich and mini cookies as well as bars and pet teats. The new machine retains the straightforward construction and simple operation of previous models while adding hygienic design
and easy cleaning.

The hygienic design objectives were to minimize accumulation of debris and maximize speed and effectiveness of cleaning. This cuts running costs by reducing downtime for cleaning and changeovers as well as improving food safety. The 390 meets current industry standards for hygiene but for customers needing to go further the TruClean 390 offers enhanced protection against cross-contamination and permits more aggressive cleaning regimes.

Good weight control and reliable extraction keep efficiency high and production costs low while simple construction, fast changeovers and easy maintenance contribute to low running costs.

Operation is simple: only the speed and rubber roll pressure are set by the operator. Die changes and belt replacement can be accomplished rapidly without tools while the fixed knife arrangement is hygienic and offers maximum reliability with low maintenance. Guards and other components meet all relevant safety standards, but are easily removed and replaced for cleaning and maintenance.