Baker Perkins : IBIE 2013 - Booth 7240

Baker Perkins will be at IBIE 2013 with our latest process technology for bakers of cookies, crackers and bread as well as producers of frozen dough cookies

Cookies & Crackers – The HS Mixer range is being introduced to the American market to complement our range of new and upgraded forming, baking and cream sandwiching equipment. HS Mixers feature a robust shaftless blade that no only mixes thoroughly and efficiently but also permits fully automatic discharge. Also new for the show is a beautifully simple rotary moulder and an ultra-hygienic cutting machine, represented on the booth by a radical new gauge roll design.

Bread – The Baker Perkins range of high-output mixing and forming equipment has been designed for precision dough production. From Ingredient weighting and mixing to final moulding and panning every aspect of the process has been carefully engineered for consistency, accuracy, and continuous running. The result is perfect quality, and low production costs with the added bonus of no flour dusting.

Frozen Dough – The Baker Perkins Frozen Dough Machine has been completely redesigned as a modular range with the TruClean Wirecut at its heart. It improves on the excellent output, accuracy and reliability of the previous range while bringing a new levels of hygiene and flexibility to frozen dough production