NEW Frozen Dough Wirecut

The performance and hygiene features of the Baker Perkins TruClean Wirecut are now available to frozen dough producers in our new TruClean Frozen Dough Machine. This is a modular system comprising a TruClean Wirecut and three separate modules for topping, paper cutting and paper slitting. Systems are initially configured to individual customers’ exact requirements but may be reconfigured if these change in the future. For example, introducing topped cookies or moving from bulk packing to paper.

The TruClean Wirecut is the result of radical innovation in Baker Perkins’ approach to hygienic design. It brings the freedom from allergens and other cross-contamination risks essential to frozen dough producers.

Working to industry guidelines on sanitation, every detail has been engineered to minimize accumulation of debris and make thorough and effective cleaning as easy as possible.

The new design uses well-proven die and filler block technology for outstanding weight control of +/- 1-2% on plain dough. For products with inclusions, cutting consistency and deposit accuracy can be improved with an oscillating knife.

Less time spent cleaning means lower costs and faster changeovers. Exceptional reliability, low waste and minimal giveaway enable rates up to 200 rows per minute to be maintained while keeping operating costs low.