Wirecut and Rotary Dies

In a typical Wirecut, rotary moulding, or rotary cutting line the wirecut or rotary die can have more impact on the properties of the finished product and, arguably, on the efficiency of the line itself than any other single component or even any other machine. The direct effect that the die has on the appearance of the finished product is obvious but there are more subtle effects too: inaccurate weight control leads to waste, giveaway and packaging problems; poor release results in excessive extraction pressure causing wedging and tailing; incorrect choice of coating materials and finishes can mean rapid wear and frequent stops for cleaning because of plugging.

Producing a successful die requires both a deep understanding of the process and some highly specialized design and manufacturing skills, not to mention the special purpose high-speed engraving machines. Baker Perkins is the only equipment manufacturer to manufacture its own dies so we are in a unique position to provide the best possible service. Our specialist engineers look at every die project as a process engineering problem rather than an engraving task in order to design and manufacture dies that perform right out of the box and provide long and reliable service.

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