Cracker Lines

The benefits of Baker Perkins’ TruClean hygienic design principles, first seen on soft dough forming equipment, are now available across our full range of high-capacity sheet forming and cutting equipment. The New TruClean Laminators, sheeters, gauge rolls and rotary cutters have all been specifically designed to minimize cross-contamination risks from allergens, pathogens, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) etc.

Three principles underpinned the hygiene aspects of the redesign: minimizing debris accumulation, improving cleaning and simplifying removal and replacement of components. This has resulted in changes ranging from the highly detailed, such as eliminating exposed threads, to the truly radical. An example of the latter can be seen on the gauge roll that has no external covers.

Not only does this make the machines easier to clean, and to clean more thoroughly, but it also reduces the downtime required for product changeovers and plant maintenance.
Lines are available up to 63” wide (1,600mm) and are capable of very high volume production while solid rolls, preloaded bearings and accurate speed cascading ensure accurate weigh control is maintained across the width of the line.

The combination of hygienic design and high performance delivers both a safer environment for food production and reduced production costs.

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