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Bread bakers face particular problems in automatically handling sticky dough at high speed. The traditional solution has been flour dusting but for both hygiene and health reasons this is becoming increasingly unacceptable. The Multitex4™ bread moulder uses gentle dough handling techniques that enable it to run without flour dust and also lead to an improvement in bread quality.

The drive to improve hygienic operation in bakeries has not reduced the other pressures under which bakers operate. Output, quality and cost targets still have to be met and our HS mixer range for cookies and crackers is a perfect example of how designs that improve performance can also lead to more
hygienic operation.
Baker Perkins at IBIE 2010 - Booth #7207
Hygienic equipment for cookies, crackers & bread

To meet the increased demand for hygienic bakery equipment Baker Perkins is introducing a number of new machines created around a stay clean / easy clean concept.

The TruClean™ range of cookie and cracker forming equipment has been designed from the ground up in accordance with the GMA's 10 Principles of Equipment Design to ensure that thorough cleaning and sanitization can be achieved in a practical and cost effective way.