A Customized Approach
While designing for the highest possible levels of hygienic operation, Baker Perkins' engineers have recognized that the risks are not the same in every
operation and that customization is required. Three levels of hygienic design are offered allowing bakers to choose the one that best matches the sensitive cross-contamination issues they face and the cleaning protocols they use.
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The principles of Hygienic Design

Baker Perkins adopted hygiene as an important design consideration in 1984. The experience built up designing hundreds of hygienic machines over that period has enabled us to respond very quickly to the 10 Principles of Equipment Design introduced recently by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). These 10 principles have been adapted for low moisture foods from the meat industry and represent a significant step forward in process design.

Baker Perkins' machines carrying the TruClean™
name have been designed from the ground up
in accordance with these principles.

Ten Principles of Equipment Design
1.     Cleanable
2.     Made of compatible materials
3.     Accessible for cleaning and sanitation
4.     No material collection
5.     Hollow areas eliminated or sealed
6.     No niches
7.     Operates with sanitary performance
8.     Validated cleaning methods
9.     Separate processes wherever possible
10.   All personnel to meet and follow hygiene
        and sanitation requirements