High Speed Mixers

Baker Perkins HS mixers offer unbeatable mixing performance and low ownership costs. They are suitable for every type of biscuit dough while high levels of automation, ease of use and ease of cleaning combine with outstanding reliability and durability to guarantee low running costs. Unlike other mixers different doughs do not require different blades - one blade does it all. The unique shaftless design has been refined over many years to offer optimum performance during all mixing phases.

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Sandwiching provides a range of options for efficient high-volume production and added-value brand extension. Baker Perkins supplies a series of systems covering a broad variety of product, speed and packaging possibilities. All bring the benefits of minimal waste, tight weight control, high efficiency and ease of use.

Baker Perkins ovens, which fulfil every need within the sector, are based on a rigorous understanding of the principles of heat transfer acquired through continuous investment in practical research and theoretical analysis. The result is a range of uncomplicated but highly effective ovens that are easy to use and provide energy-efficient, cost-effective operation through short bake times and optimized controls.
TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

The Baker Perkins TruClean™ Rotary Cutter has been designed and constructed to minimize costs in every area of operation. Outstanding performance, reliability and ease of use have been carried forward from the previous generation machines while introducing a completely new approach to hygienic design. Every aspect of the machine has been designed to stay clean and be easy to clean to a high standard. Fast changeovers complete the picture and the result is a rotary cutter that is efficient, reliable and offers exceptionally low costs of ownership. View Gallery
TruClean™ Rotary Moulder

Low cost of ownership, ease of use and long life have made Baker Perkins' rotary moulders the industry favorites. The latest generation, the TruClean™ Rotary Moulder, builds on this heritage while raising the hygienic aspects of the design to a whole new level. Every part of the machine has been designed for minimum debris accumulation and maximum effectiveness of cleaning as well as delivering the outstanding performance and value for money that our customers have come to expect.
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            TruClean™ Wirecut

            TruClean™ Rotary Moulder

            TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

TruClean™ Wirecut

This new machine is the result of a radical innovation in our approach to hygienic design. Working to industry guidelines, every detail has been meticulously engineered to minimize accumulation of debris and to make thorough and effective cleaning as easy as possible. Performance has not
been neglected with best-in-class weight control and faster changeovers delivering high efficiency and low
production costs. View Gallery