The Tweedy2™ is an integrated, high-output dough mixing system. It is highly automated and combines excellent product quality with ease of use and low running costs. It is suitable for a wide range of products from bread and buns to pastries and cakes.
Mixing Systems - Tweedy2™
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Pressure-Vacuum Mixing

This option improves loaf volume and crumb structure while enabling texture to be varied from fine to open. Product quality is enhanced with better crumb colour and increased softness. Cost benefits include increased yield, longer shelf life and a reduction in yeast and improvers.

Five models with minimum batch sizes from 85 to193kg, maximum batch sizes from 170 to 385kg, hourly outputs from 2,380 to 5,380kg.

Easy to Install and Maintain
Distributed I/O minimises installation time and cabling requirements. Automatic calibration of the weighing system saves time and improves accuracy. System diagnostics enable rapid fault-finding. Built-in software testing routines reduce start-up time after maintenance. An automatic wash cycle with powered drain valve reduces cleaning time.

High Output and Yield     
High levels of water absorption reduce product costs; dynamic schedule management on multi-mixer systems maximises output; and consistent dough quality minimises downstream giveaway, stoppages and waste.

Range of Product Types
Suitable for mixing a wide variety of products: tin bread, toast bread, morning goods, burger buns, country loaves, baguettes, ryebreads, pizza bases, fruit bread, cake batters and many more. Some products may require a simple change of impact plate.

Main Options

 • Pressure-vacuum mixing for improved quality and reduced costs
 • Inlets for additional ingredients
 • 140˚ bowl tilt for through-floor discharge
 • Integration with divider controls


Excellent Product Quality
Consistently high product-quality is achieved through accurate weighing of the recipe, effective blending of the ingredients and uniform development of the dough. A new high-efficiency impact plate reduces mixing time and increases quality. Stable final dough temperature is achieved via accurate control of water temperature and energy input

Low Running Costs
Automatic weighing of ingredients and transfer of dough to the divider minimise the requirement for operator intervention. Automatic schedule management ensures that dough is mixed only when required to avoid waste. Consistent dough quality improves weight control. It also leads to fewer stoppages and less waste

Easy to Use Control System

There is a clear and informative touch-screen HMI, with well-structured software and industry-standard hardware that is reliable and fully supported worldwide. It includes automatic management and adjustment of the mixing plan, even after stops. There is a comprehensive reporting system with excellent connectivity to external systems. Fault-finding is made easier by alarm filtering that displays primary alarms only. Process alarms alert operators to potential variations that might affect the dough
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