The Multitex4™ is the final dough-moulding process in a high-output bakery. Gentle dough handling helps to reduce ingredient costs while maintaining or improving product quality. It also means that dough build-up and jams are virtually eliminated to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. The Multitex4™ can also provide an immediate and measurable increase in loaf quality. It operates without the need for flour dusting leading to an improvement in the bakery environment and a reduction in cleaning time.
Moulders - Multitex4™
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Fast changeover

The Multitex4™ can be switched between different product styles or sizes in seconds with no start-up waste. Two captive processing attachments are simply interchanged and other adjustments are calibrated to ensure repeatable settings.Lengthy set-up and constant fine-tuning by skilled operators is not required and there is negligible start-up waste.

High-Efficiency Panning
Simple, repeatable calibrated adjustments ensure that dough pieces are always accurately positioned in the tin. On four-piece products,a stable “cut-through” process ensures perfect alignment and positioning. This enhances the quality of the loaf by improving its shape and the appearance of each slice.


   • Throughput: up to 6,000 pieces per hour (weight dependent)
   • Weight range: 200 - 2,100g
   • 4 - 5 coils on 900g pieces


   • Smart infeed conveyor to re-pitch dough pieces for high throughput rates
   • Additional quick-release attachments for further products (e.g. 6-piecing)
   • Connection to central process air system or independent fan
   • Servo driven roll gap adjustment for recipe driven set up from HMI


The Only Moulder That Reduces Costs
The gentle moulding process of the Multitex4™ has been proven by bakers around the world to reduce costs in two ways. Operating costs are lower because the machine does not stop, even for doubles, and requires minimal time to clean and change over.  Ingredient costs are reduced as less yeast and improver are required to achieve the same quality.

Premium Quality Product
The process is gentle and delivers up to a 10% increase in volume and cell count. Crumb structure is improved, the colour is better and the coils are not visible. The dough is subjected to less stress and rises very evenly, giving better tin fill. The bread is softer by up to 18%, (leading to a longer shelf life), looks better and has greater strength. Resilience is increased and the sidewalls are straighter, ideal for bread of high-value and bread for sandwiches.

Efficient and Hygienic
Double dough pieces pass through the machine without stopping it. There is very little build-up of dough on the machine so it can run continuously for long periods. Dusting the dough pieces with flour is not required which means that cleaning is quick and easy. The table is a cantilever design that enables the moulding belt to be changed in 15 minutes.

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