The Multitex4™ continues to offer dramatic improvements in bread quality combined with high efficiency panning and non-stop running.
The NEW Accurist2.1™ servo-controlled divider features an Intelligent Dough Weight Control system that improves scaling accuracy while retaining gentle dough handling.. Maximum output has been increased to 10,800 pcs/hr.
The Tweedy2™ mixer features a new high-efficiency impact plate that mixes faster and delivershigher quality dough. Improved reporting and better connectivity have been added to the advanced process control systems.

Some things never change; consumers want better bread at lower prices and bakery owners want increased profits.
The only way to resolve these conflicting pressures is to invest in new technology.

Baker Perkins Integrated Mixing and Forming Systems were originally designed, and continue to be developed, to meet this need. From the Tweedy2™ Pressure-Vacuum mixer to the Multitex4™ bread moulder, every unit in the range has been carefully engineered to create and maintain the perfect dough piece while taking every opportunity to minimise ingredient usage, waste, labour and downtime.
Driving bread quality up and production costs down
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