The Accurist2.1™ is a high-output dough divider for bread bakeries. Consistent scaling accuracy and low cost of ownership have been proven in over 650 installations worldwide. Servo control technology handles the dough very gently, providing excellent product quality.
Dividers - Accurist 2.1™
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Easy to Operate, Clean and Maintain

There is a clear and intuitive touch screen HMI, with recipe selection of optimum settings for each product, minimising start up times. Speed, weight and ram pressure are monitored and easily adjusted. Clean-down for product change can be achieved in 15 minutes, with lift up covers and hinged hopper giving clear access for cleaning. The machine is portable for offline cleaning and maintenance


A choice of two- to eight-pocket dividers provides outputs from 840 to 14,400 pieces per hour, in piece weights ranging from 175 to 2,500 grams.


  • 450kg bulk hopper
  • Oil spray for bulk hopper
  • Dough temperature probe
  • Dough level sensor
  • Discharge aids
  • Docking frame, fixed to floor
  • Primary conveyor – floor or divider mounted
  • Secondary conveyor to separate dough pieces
  • Modular plastic conveyor belt
  • Overhead transfer roller to aid separation
  • Warm air supply to dry conveyor belt
  • Off-line test kit



Maintained Accuracy
High scaling accuracy of 2.5 – 3.5g SD is consistently achieved on 900g pieces over extended periods. An intelligent
dough-weight control system adjusts the divider in real time to react to changes in dough density. It compensates
for the gradual changes that occur over the life of a batch and the sudden changes that occur when a new batch is loaded into the divider hopper.

Low Cost of Ownership
Innovative divider-die design minimises oil consumption and dough leakage. Wear is reduced through efficient lubrication, minimum movement of the ram, low pressure operation and durable components (typically 24,000 hours for ram and knife, 16,000 hours for the dies).

Improved Bread Quality

Precise servo control of the ram improves process control over a wide range of products, weights and speeds.   Stress on the dough is reduced while weight accuracy is maintained. Quality benefits include up to 15% increase in cell count, 20% increase in softness, greater volume, improved development of the crumb and better colour. Dynamic Dough Control software continuously responds to dough variations to maintain gentle handling. 
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