The Conical Rounder is located between the divider and first prover. It is a fully integrated part of a mixing and forming system for high-output plant bakeries. It forms the dough pieces into a ball shape with a smooth surface finish for ease of handling. It is efficient and hygienic requiring no operator supervision and minimum cleaning and maintenance.
Rounders & Provers -
Conical Rounder
Efficient Production
The dough balls are formed as they pass up a spiral track. A driven discharge cone ensures that the dough pieces leave the machine in a controlled manner and at a constant speed. This reduces the risk of doubles, and ensures accurate positioning on the conveyor for trouble-free down-stream operations. A soft start/stop feature reduces wear and power surges.

Hygienic Design
The rounder has a stainless steel frame and high-quality non-stick coatings on all product contact surfaces. The tracks are mounted on very low-friction polymer bases which fit very closely to the conical table to avoid "chipping". These features combine with a fully integrated air blowing system to prevent dough sticking to surfaces and to minimise cleaning.


The conical rounder is easily adjusted for different size dough pieces. The calibrated adjustments make these settings easy to repeat so changeover is very quick. The unit is available with different numbers of turns so that discharge can be customised to suit the bakery.    
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