ServoForm™ Depositors

Displays include a high output hard candy line, a toffee line and a lollipop demonstration machine.  We will also discuss the application of the ServoForm™ system for soft candies and jellies.

The quality, consistency and output that can be achieved with depositing exceed anything possible with other processes. These advantages may be enhanced by using twin head depositors offering increased output and/or greater product variety. Twin-headed depositors can be applied to achieve high capacity production using the heads in parallel; or produce two categories of layered products by using them sequentially.

A fast, automatic cleaning cycle is a standard feature of the ServoForm™ depositor. This replaces time consuming manual cleaning: the washout system is placed and withdrawn automatically and the washing and flushing cycle is pre-programmed and carried out with no operator intervention.

The automatic lollipop stick placer inserts sticks accurately and consistently into flat or ball lollipops and ensures they remain perpendicular until the lollipop has set. This patented system minimises labour costs and waste.