Confectionery Cooking
Review Baker Perkins’ revised cooking equipment, including the new Autofeed,
new Microfilm™ cooker, new Colour / Flavour Addition system and Carablend™
toffee cooker.

Hard Candy Depositing
Hear about the benefits and applications of the ServoForm™ depositor, followed by inspection of a high output ServoForm™ system currently in assembly including a live demonstration of the unique purge/washout system and integrated automation.

Lollipop Depositing
See the opportunities presented by Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ new double ball depositing and automatic lollipop stick feeder.

Soft Confectionery Depositing
Discover the applications of Baker Perkins’ unique ServoGel™ system and examine
in detail a complete toffee depositing line in the final stages of assembly.

Provisional Programme

In-depth presentation