SBX Master™ cooker-extruder

The SBX Master™ is the ideal machine for a range of standard products, combining high performance with ease of use and low-cost maintenance. It sits at the centre of the Baker Perkins Snack Master™ and Cereal Master™ EX concepts, which are about extending the capability of a standard line in stages by adding cutting, filling, shredding and coating equipment to make possible the production of a full range of premium snacks and cereals.


Co-extrusion technology

Filled pillows are high value snacks and breakfast cereals that appeal to both adults and children. They comprise a crispy outer shell with a fruit, cream or chocolate filling and can be made on any new or existing extrusion line simply by adding a
co-extrusion die, cream feed and pillow crimper.

Rotary cereal cooker

Baker Perkins’ range of cookers is used by leading manufacturers worldwide to meet the market for high-quality, healthy cereals with high consumer appeal. With fully automatic batch operation and a very effective mixing action, this rotating live steam pressure unit handles milled or whole grain cereal products including wheat, corn and bran.


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FlakeMaster™ Flaking Rolls

State-of-the-art control technology enhances the performance of the latest generation of flaking rolls for high-output, high-quality cereal production. These units provide consistent processing of a wide range of corn and multigrain flakes, from both traditional rotary cookers and cooker-extruders.

Thermoglide2™ Toaster

Baker Perkins’ process knowledge has led to the design of a new generation of toaster specifically created for consistent processing of cereals and snacks. A gentle airflow ensures even toasting with minimal damage while other benefits include a small machine footprint and a low maintenance requirement.

Syrup Preparation Systems

Fully automated systems prepare and apply frosting and glazing efficiently and cost-effectively to enhance product flavour and appearance. They enable a product range to be expanded for little additional cost. Emphasis on the health aspect of cereals is achieved via the ability to engineer syrup skids, coating drums and driers to operate in both sugar and sugar free modes, with simple interchange between the two.

Shredding Lines

Baker Perkins can supply the equipment and process knowledge for the manufacture of a range of shredded cereals, including multi-layer shredded wheat, 2, 3 or 4 layer corn, rice or wheat squares and bran sticks. Shredding is an excellent alternative to flaking widening the appeal by adding interest and variety to the products.